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Today is World AIDS Day 2010

By Tina A. Brown

Today is World AIDS Day 2010.

Many of us aligned ourselves with the HIV prevention movement because we’ve loss a loved one.

Annually, we attend candle light vigils and try to spread the word that if you’ve witnessed this disease first hand you don’t want anyone else to suffer.

I realized last year, one of the few times over the past 30 years that I’ve been at home during the holiday season, that I’ve been too busy to celebrate the lives of HIV positive men and women who had stood on the front lines.

I’m not HIV positive. I stood in the gap by writing and publishing “Crooked Road Straight: The Awakening of AIDS Activist Linda Jordan,” a book about a champion of the movement. I’ve spoken to thousands about her efforts to save lives and created the Patches of Healing art project to encourage grieving families to celebrate their loved ones years later.

I asked myself what else could I do to celebrate World AIDS Day 2010?

I hope you’ve also asked yourselves the same question.

I resolved to do something for me to remember others by decorating my holiday tree with red ribbons for Christmas.

It’s become my small way to say as a member of the world community that we must always remember those on the front lines by encouraging others to celebrate life.

AIDS won’t go away until we cherish our memories.

I encourage you and yours to be safe and to get tested on World AIDS Day.

Mostly, I urge you to remember your loved ones.

Join the Red Ribbon Campaign.

Tina A. Brown is an independent journalist, lecturer and media consultant based in Savannah, Ga.