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I’m not HIV Positive but I finally get it. I know now why silence is burying our communities.

It’s been two years since I published “Crooked Road Straight: The Awakening of AIDS Activist Linda Jordan.”
I’d be lying if I said my life got easier during this journey. I’ve always empathized with families struggling with this issue. I didn’t realize how difficult it was for survivors until last weekend.
I encountered some college educated men who literally turned their backs on me for hours at a health fair. They treated me as if this cause was infectious.
I’m not HIV positive. But I finally got it. This is why the silence is burying our communities. People shut down when they are treated this way.
Thank God for the hundreds of others who stopped by my table to say hello and to shared their stories.
But the folks who shunned me left a bruise.
That mark made me grateful that I was working on a makeover of with a extremely talented web designer. Those guys fueled a new determination and fight inside of me.
I won’t stop spreading the word about why America needs to embrace our issues that put us at risk for HIV infection.
Today is a good day to spread the word about “Crooked Road Straight: The Awakening of AIDS Activist Linda Jordan.” If you’ve read it, share it. Order it at your local libraries and bookstores for those you love.
Let’s take Crooked Road Straight viral. It’s a story about life not death. Check out the previews at

Get off the fence: Black women are dying

I wrote “Crooked Road Straight: The Awakening of AIDS Activist Linda Jordan” because Black women in the U.S. are dying. Now, I’m looking for good men and women to ask their friends, bookclubs, schools, librarians, church leaders, youth groups, bookstores and community groups who work with this nation’s most vulnerable populations to buy it and share it. Get on the bandwagon. This is not an issue that we can ignore. Linda Jordan had a simple message: Together we can stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, all of us, whether we are rich or poor, negative or positive. It’s time to get off the fence and to take a stand for those who can’t or won’t speak up for themselves for as long as it takes. Linda and I started on this journey more than 12 years ago. She passed away. I need your help to continue the legacy of one of the first black women in the U.S. to put her family’s faces on HIV/AIDS prevention posters. Stand in the gap with me. Order this book at local and online bookstores. If you can’t afford it, go to your local libraries and ask them to order it. Then, all I ask is that you share Linda Jordan’s story with someone else. Talk about it in your circles. Together, we can stop the spread of HIV/AIDS here and abroad. For information about inviting the author to speak to your group: write or send me a tweet at A1TinaABrown.  Remember to pass the word on Facebook, Twitter and your favorite social media sites.

HIV/AIDS Education: Connecting to a New Generation

Teenage Girls Respond to HIV/AIDS Prevention book signing

Some suburban middle school teachers and librarians urged me to do it. I hadn’t thought of reaching out to the middle school population. But they said I would be missing a “grand opportunity” if I wasn’t reading excerpts of “Crooked Road Straight: The Awakening of AIDS Activist Linda Jordan” to middle school students.

“Middle school is about the time that girls began to experiment,” one teacher said.

I guess a lot has changed since I went to middle school. We didn’t talk much about sexual health back then. HIV-AIDS hadn’t yet made it a necessary topic.

My test group of eighth graders at Belizzi Middle School in Hartford nearly made me cry.

They were extraordinary listeners. That’s not to say that my other girls from the YWCA’s girls leadership program at Weaver and Windsor high schools, and the numerous adult book clubs weren’t equally as engaging.

The youngsters made me feel like I was connecting with a new generation.

Their curiosity gave me hope.

HIV-AIDS education is not dead.

I can’t wait for my next two workshops at Bulkeley High.

Can’t wait!!!

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It’s time to get aware.It’s time to stand up and speak out about HIV/AIDS is spreading in America.

I had my head in the sand until I realized that it could be me or somebody I knew. This disease won’t go away until we take action. “Crooked Road Straight: The Awakening of AIDS Activist Linda Jordan” is based upon 10 years of research. Check out the free samples at www.crookedroadstraight.comon Feb. 7th. Let’s get the word out about being safe. PASS the Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!