Hats off to all the Tina Brown’s of the world

 My name is famous. Not just because of what i do – and that’s substantial _ but also because there’s another fearless journalist out there named Tina Brown.

I’ve used Tina A. Brown as my professional name at newspapers across the country for the past two decades.  My nickname is tinabrown. That’s right one word. It’s a name that my parents gave me and my friends plan to carry to the finish line.

 Hats off to all the Tina Brown’s in the world, especially if they are doing positive things.

I plan to use my new blog as a vehicle to promote TAB Brown Publishing and my first book, “Crooked Road Straight: The Awakening of AIDS Activist Linda Jordan.”

It took me a dozen years of reporting and writing, not because i’m slow but because I’m through.  I know it sounds like a long time, but it took time for me to learn about the culture of HIV/AIDS in deteriorating neighborhoods in Hartford, CT. 

Linda Jordan was a pioneer in the early 1990s who wasn’t ashamed to pose for AIDS prevention posters of herself and her family that continue to circulate the globe.  She looked at HIV as a blessing after dealing with the aftermath of child abuse, drug abuse and sexual abuse. She pulled herself out of a heroin den and became an icon who made it her business to use her story to change and save lives.

  “Crooked Road Straight” is an intimate portrait of life in the late 20th century ghetto. It will be available on Amazon.com starting in December.

Enjoy everyday of your life,


    • Patrina
    • February 14th, 2009

    You are awesome, tinabrown! I can’t wait to read “Crooked Road Straight.” Love the title. I’m placing my order now!

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