Is HIV/AIDS prevention worth fighting for?

I’ve never like to argue. But I had a disturbing conversation recently with a student that got under my skin.

This college senior was adamant in his belief that African-Americans are not disproportionately infected with the HIV virus.

He suggested the white community often wealthier is able to hide its rate of infection. They have health insurance, he said. They are conspiring with their private physicians to keep their rate of HIV infection out of the public eye so African-Americans will look bad.
Was he serious?
I was dumbfounded by this uninformed conspiracy theory. He said the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the African-American community was overblown. A myth, he said.

The numbers don’t lie, I argued. One new HIV infection is too many. We should fight together to stop the virus worldwide until it is eradicated.
People are dying, I argued. Have you seen anyone dying of AIDS? The disease takes you out, organ by organ. If you’d witnessed this as I have you’ll be on the front lines too.

As we mark another anniversary to make our women and girls aware of the risks they face: we can no longer wallow in this kind of ignorance. If you doubt the facts, visit an AIDS ward, get involved and check the statistics.

The virus won’t stop spreading until we do something together. Let’s base our opinions about HIV/AIDS upon facts.
Tina A. Brown is the author of Crooked Road Straight: The Awakening of AIDS Activist Linda Jordan. Buy your copy in stores today.

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